Classic Divorce Court: 7 Day Fiance

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***PREVIOUSLY AIRED EPISODE - Phone numbers that appear in this episode are no longer valid.***
If you would like to be a litigant on the show you can call 1-877-311-2222 to apply.

Shantae Gollnick and Tyrece Walker met on , an online dating site, and were married within just a few weeks. Shantae says she should’ve known better than to rush into marriage with Tyrece since she’d been married 3 times before, but she fell in love with him immediately. But now Shantae says Tyrece has been lying to her since day one about his job, his finances, his baby mama, and the number of kids he has Shantae. says Tyrece also promised to split the cost of their wedding in Vegas, but has since blown her off each time she asked for his contribution. Tyrece, on the other hand, says nothing he does for Shantae is ever good enough and that she’s always jumping to conclusions

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