Captain Marvel Bloopers That'll Make You Love The Cast

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Like anyone, the stars of the MCU mess up sometimes, and the cast of Captain Marvel was no exception. Despite seasoned actors and Oscar winners filling the movie's roster, lines were forgotten, blocking was totally bungled, and goofiness got the best of the stars more often than you might think.

Brie Larson carried the weight of Captain Marvel on her shoulders, and spent months preparing to play the high-flying heroine as best as she possibly could. She devoted hours of her days to working out in the gym, stuck to a strict diet, and even visited the U.S. Air Force Academy for some up-close-and-personal priming. But when Larson acquired all that newfound strength, knowledge, and know-how, she apparently lost an important basic skill. Multiple times during filming, Larson got mixed up on the direction she was supposed to go and what she was meant to do with her body.

Larson again gets directionally confused while filming a fight scene with Talos actor Ben Mendelsohn, who also could have used a helping hand in the blocking department. The two rehearsed their tussle one way, but when they got in front of the cameras, everything was backwards.

Because the best things come in threes, Larson tops these shenanigans off by barreling down a hallway…before realizing that she's running in the wrong direction.

Watch the video for more Captain Marvel bloopers that'll make you love the cast!

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Directionally challenged | 0:16
A marvelous disaster | 1:18
Kitten around | 2:19
Fury, take the wheel! | 3:05
Butterfingers | 3:48
Not over until the Skrull man sings | 4:33
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