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19-YEAR-OLD body modification addict Chiara has transformed her look into a “Barbie Bimbo''. Previously featured on Truly, Chiara from Rome, Italy had her first piercing at just 11 years old. She has since added over 20 facial piercings, scarifications, brandings, subdermal implants, facial tattoos and even tattooed eyeballs. Forever changing her look, Chiara has recently transformed her already alternative style to pretty in pink as a “Barbie Bimbo”. Now sporting lip fillers, long bleach blonde hair and fake nails, she explains: “My current style is inspired by Barbie, everything that’s fake attracts me more than natural.” Previously dressed in basic black, Chiara wants to look more feminine, wearing short tops and skirts in glitter and pink, she now refers to herself as “Blond Bimbo”. To add to her Barbie inspired look, Chiara is also contemplating a breast augmentation. With friends and family on the fence about her plans for surgery, Chiara seems

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Producer: Stephanie Stijkel, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Pete Ansell

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