Best of AH Laughs, Fails and Funny Moments Vol. 36 | Achievement Hunter Laugh Compilation

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs Potato Head proudly presents the 36th instalment of Best of Achievement Hunter Funny Moments for your viewing pleasure. If you like this video, then please hit like, if you want to see more, then subscribe and if you have anything to say afterwards, don't hesitate to leave a comment...... now let's get on with the show......... enjoy ;)

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We aim to continue to bring you the best laughing compilations and funniest moments from the guys at Achievement Hunter and Let's Play.

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Achievement Hunter is a video gaming division of the American film production company, Rooster Teeth Productions. Founded by Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo on July 6, 2008, the website is largely based on the achievement mechanic found in seventh and eighth generation video game consoles. Since its founding, Achievement Hunter has grown to become a core component of Rooster Teeth, hosting a wide variety of videos related to video games. Achievement Hunter videos are currently hosted by these six members: Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Ryan Haywood, and Jeremy Dooley. While most videos feature these six ‘core’ members of Achievement Hunter, others show up regularly.
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