Asteroid 2018 VP1 May Hit Earth a Day Before US Election Says NASA

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A lot of news sources are reporting the approach of asteroid 2018 VP1, which might hit Earth on Nov. 2nd. According to NASA, there's a chance of impact.

There's no need to fear, however, because this asteroid is really small--only about 2-4 meters in diameter. Even if the space rock does hit Earth, the vast majority of its mass will disintegrate high in the atmosphere, producing a beautiful fireball, not Armageddon.

Impact line
The line of variation (LOV) passes across the Pacific Ocean.
The asteroid came to opposition (opposite the Sun in the sky) at the end of May 2020 at an estimated apparent magnitude of ~31, and as a moving object was much too faint for any telescope to detect.

The November 2020 Earth approach will be hidden by the glare of the Sun.
It is not categorized as a potentially hazardous object given the estimated size of 2–4 meters in diameter is smaller than the threshold for potentially hazardous objects which are estimated at more than 140 meters in diameter.

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