Arquebex Change, Necramech, Deimos Crack QoL & Game Fixes - Hotfix 29.5.5 (Warframe)

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Warframe Hotfix is live on PC with a Voidrig Necramech, Deimos Bounty and enemy necramech changes plus numerous fixes.

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0:00 Cracks In Deimos Bounty Changes & Fixes
0:29 Optimizations
0:39 Game Changes
1:05 DirectX12 Fixes
1:20 Game Fixes
3:13 Hotfix

Warrframe Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix

Iwoply is a Warframe centred content creator that extensively covers various topics within the game through Daily News Notices, Patch Note Coverages & Weekly recaps via the 'Last Week in Warframe' series.

Iwoply also provides Archives of since removed content & History videos that aim to inform new players on past events & controversies. On top of the aforementioned series Iwoply provides guides, Compiled Dialogue & Story videos, Collectible locations & fashion showcases.

Iwoply has been covering Warframe for a number of years and in the past was a member of the Warframe Partner Program until its closure in early 2020.

You can use the following Promocode to acquire the Iwoply logo as a Glyph in Warframe by inputting the word IWOPLY into the promocode page on the Warframe Website or at the In-Game market.


All Warframes Fashion w/ Timestamps

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