Apple Silicon November Event Preview — Updated!

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Third time’s the charm? The lights go dark. The music pauses. The Apple Logo hits the screen. Tim Cook. “Good morning!” Or… wait… “Hello and welcome back to Apple Park.” I mean, it’s like we can’t depend on anything anymore. Not anything. Not in 2020, the “drop test” of years.

We’ve already had the September event, not for iPhone and Apple Watch but… Apple Watch and iPad.

And the October event, not for iPad and Mac but for… HomePod mini and iPhone.

And that just leaves lucky number three, for the already teased… Apple Silicon and…

Well, we all know the drill by now.

Drone shot. Speed ramp. Transition. Steady cam. And then… Apple TV or AirPods Studio, or AirTags, maybe iPad Pro, or maybe, just maybe… one more thing.


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