All New Genos M4A1 Vs Earth M4A1 | Best M4A1 Skin? | Top 3 M4A1 Skin in Garena Freefire | Pri Gaming

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Hello Everyone,
in this video I will compare earth m4a1 with genos m4a1, or you can say Onepunch man m4a1 vs scorching sand m4a1, also we compare their rate of fire , accuracy , damage , damage per second and Magazine, also top3 skins include genos m4a1, Earth M4A1 and FFCS M4A1.

Timestamp ::
00:00 Introduction
01:14 Rate of Fire
02:03 Accuracy
02:45 Magazine
03:47 Damage
05:26 Damage Per Second
05:53 Top 3 Skin of M4A1

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