ADVICE FOR ASPIRING DOCTORS (Boyfriend Tag / Fiance Tag): Q&A with Violin MD

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It's all about YOUR QUESTIONS! Plus a special guest and I'm finally giving you my #1 piece of advice for aspiring doctors!

0:38 What kind of basic medical knowledge should everybody have?
1:17 Is it possible to have a normal life with relationships and travel as a doctor? (meet my fiance!)
2:39 What happens if you are seeing a patient and there's a code blue?
3:30 How do you deal with patients tragically dying in front of you?
5:35 How do you stay positive when you are faced with sad situations?
6:44 How do you stay motivated to keep putting videos out each week?
7:14 How has studying medicine changed your view of the world?
8:09 What was the hardest thing I had to learn in medical school?
8:56 What's my favourite procedure?
9:32 When you get sick do you diagnose yourself or do you go to the doctor?
10:20 Advice for somebody aspiring to become a doctor?

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted questions, it's great getting to know you guys!

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~ Siobhan (Violin MD) ~
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