90 Day Fiance Couples That Rubbed People The Wrong Way

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TLC's 90 Day Fiancé follows couples who travel across the globe and sacrifice it all to be together. But just because these reality stars go to great efforts for their relationships doesn't mean that things magically work out. Here are the 90 Day Fiancé couples that, for better or for worse, we just couldn't stop watching.

Season 2's Mohamed and Danielle had an unhealthy relationship from the very beginning. With Danielle hanging all over Mohamed and Mohamed's obvious repulsion of Danielle, it's no wonder things went south.

Eventually, Mohamed left Danielle's Ohio home. But while these two made a terrible couple, they made for even worse exes. Mohamed complained about their love life and Danielle obsessed over Mohamed's alleged relationships with other women, according to In Touch. One of their worst fights involved Danielle throwing a pile of documents at Mohamed, and yelling.

Danielle went back and forth about whether or not to grant Mohamed a divorce or to get an annulment, which would result in Mohamed potentially being deported. Eventually, they settled on a divorce, and finally one of the worst 90 Day Fiancé relationships of all time, was over. Keep watching the video to find out more about 90 Day Fiance couples that rubbed people the wrong way.


Mohamed and Danielle | 0:20
Nicole and Azan | 1:20
Darcey and Jesse | 2:11
Colt and Larissa | 3:04
Molly and Luis | 3:53
Ashley and Jay | 4:59
Jorge and Anfisa | 5:45
Kirlyam and Alan | 6:44
Loren and Alexei | 2:24
Paola and Russ | 8:19
Kyle and Noon | 9:22
Jon and Rachel | 10:12
Evelyn and David | 10:58
Amy and Danny | 12:03
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