10 Reasons Fiance Visa Cases Are Denied

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Here are the Top 10 Reasons a K-1 Fiance Visa Case Could be denied.

Reason :1 Your fiancé has violated the terms of his or her visa in the past. Overstaying a visa by more than 180 days for example can cause your fiancé to not be able to obtain a fiancé visa for 3 years.

Reason: 2 Not being able to financially support your fiancé . You must show the government that you make 100% of the federal poverty level for a fiancé visa case. This is because the Citizen and any co-sponsor will be paying the government back in case your fiancé gets government benefits. You may be able to obtain a co-sponsor to help you but this is not true in every case.

Reason :3 Either you or your fiancé have past criminal issues. Any past criminal matter should be evaluated by an Attorney, prior to filing, to make sure it will not cause the case to be denied.

Reason :4 One of you is not free to marry. A case will be denied if it is filed before you are legally divorced. Prior to filing you should make absolutely sure that all previous marriages, for both parties, are completely terminated.

Reason 5 It has been more than 2 years since you last saw your fiancé in person. Seeing someone on Skype does not count as an in person meeting. Keep receipts, plane tickets and other evidence of any in-person meetings you have with your fiancé.

Reason 6 . The paperwork you provide USCIS is incomplete. You should be given a Request for Evidence to correct this type of problem. If you do, you need to timely provide the requested information, or your case will be denied.

Reason 7. Not Telling the Truth on Your paperwork. Lying or misleading USCIS on paperwork can lead to denial and other very serious long-term consequences. Simply do not do it.
Reason 8. Your Fiance has a medical condition which could threaten public safety or is mentally ill or has a drug or alcohol problem.
Reason 9. The Consular Officer has reason to believe that the relationship is not real. This may include a large age difference, limited visits between the parties, not speaking a same language or there being a short amount of time from the time of meeting to the time of applying for the fiancé visa.

Reason 10. Your fiancé has a bad interview. Your fiancé should know a lot about you in order to have a good interview. It may be embarrassing to you but tell her all about yourself, your past relationships and any criminal history. If something is brought up about you at the interview your fiance should know about it. Not knowing important facts about you is a serious red flag to USCIS.
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