10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

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10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

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Welcome back to another video about dangerous places! I know a lot of you out there like to go out and explore, so I'm here to remind you of the places that will pump your adrenaline and challenge your inner adventurous spirit. Today we'll be looking at "10 of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth." We will be revisiting some places we've seen in other videos, and presenting a new batch of places you had not seen before. After all, no place is that fun unless we add the word "dangerous" to it. Make sure you stay with me all the way to number 1 so you can see a place on Earth that will make your bucket list, or perhaps, you will add it to the list of places you never want to see in your life!

Lake Natron, Tanzania

We start this list with an all-time favorite: Lake Natron in Tanzania. Stepping close to this body of water will make you feel like you are in the middle of a horror film. Its water is pretty much lethal to humans. It has a high PH level between 9 and , a temperature as high as 60 degrees celsius and an overflow of salt. So, what happens when you mix all of these things together? You get a substance that can easily calcify dead bodies and burn your skin in seconds. But you don't need to put yourself in the water to know how bad it is! Just putting a printed shirt inside the lake will show you how the ink easily comes off from it. Imagine if that ink was your skin! That would be scary.

One time, a group of documentary filmmakers were flying over the lake with a helicopter when they suddenly had an accident that made them crash into the waters of the lake. Most of the people got injured and one of them even said that his eyes started burning. Apparently, this spot is popular for flamingos during mating season, so they wanted to document their behavior. Through this experience they learned that flamingos indeed come to this lake during that time, just so they can stay away from predators. Even the scariest of all animals know best to stay away from this corrosive lake.

Sanna, Yemen

The Middle East is full of amazing secrets - in this part of the world you can find a lot of cool cities in the midst of desserts and refreshing ocean waters. And one of the most amazing cities over there, is Sanna, the capital of Yemen. This place is famous because it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. And it's also one of the highest capital cities today, elevated at 2,300 meters over sea level. But unfortunately, the place is also one of the most dangerous spots in the planet due to terrorism that includes bombings and other violent acts that scare visitors away. Different authorities around the world discourage travelers from going there. Hopefully, one day all of this will change and a lot of us will be able to see this amazing city without fear!

North Sentinel Island

No list of dangerous places is complete without this unique island! After all, the place is forbidden and it shows us that there are still people out there who have never been in touch with modern day civilization. North Sentinel Island is forbidden and is dangerous - local Indian laws state that you can't never come closer 5 kilometers to this island. And that's because the inhabitants of this place do not like to the point that they could kill them. The most famous and recent story of attacks by Sentinelese is one of an American man in 2018 who tried to make contact with them. However, the man got killed while trying to reach the shores of their island. Now you know what can happen to you if you decide to venture into this remote location. It is evident that these islanders want to stay away from the rest of the world!

Dallol, Ethiopia

Looking at pictures of Ethiopia makes me want to grab my bags and get on the next flight to that awesome country. With 80 different people groups, 200 languages, and a lot of UNESCO heritage sites - this place seems to be a great spot to explore. And I'd probably need more than just a couple of days to see what this country has to offer.

But in the Northern side of the country, there's a place that sounds interesting, but also quite scary. It's the ghost town of Dallol - one of the most remote and hottest places in our planet. The temperature during the year is around the 35 degrees celsius
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